The tested and approved Top-Products of MTS, which together form the MTS CNC System, allow for a comprehensive and universal CNC and CAM training that contains and combines continuously elementary CNC learning contents to most current and advanced CAM methods. The didactic concept is based on the principle of "working with the CNC simulators TopMill and TopTurn, in the same way as with real machine tools".

The present comprehensive CNC and CAM training solution is the result of more than thirty years of continuous advancement and adaption of the MTS CNC training and further education software to the development and progress of CNC-machines and their CNC controls towards the multiple axes turn-mill or mill-turn machining centers of today. The development of our high quality and sophisticated material removal and machine room simulation with collision detection for turning, milling and tool grinding has established new standards in the industrial sector as well (leading CNC control manufacturers are using our CNC simulation and canned cycles within their CNC controls or CAM software).

Application in CNC Training

The MTS CNC System can be adapted to the CNC training contents for CNC machine operators, industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians, tool mechanics, CNC production specialists and CNC machine tool programmers, according to the German PAL CNC training standards, as well as to the CNC training contents for technicians, master craftsmen up to mechanical engineers.

Monitoring of the learning success can be carried out accompanying for each training level with NCTest (cloze text method with automatic evaluation). The use of control specific CNC command codes or the implementation of postprocessors allows for a smooth and continuous transition from the virtual CNC machine tools to practical training on real CNC machine tools.

Our software is able to cover technical qualifications in the wide range of CNC knowledge, from CNC basics to the programming of complex machining processes on 5 axes machining centers and even up to optimizing such NC programs.

Thereby we offer the perfect, efficient and cost effective, as well as easily implementable solution for initial CNC training, CNC staff qualification and CNC further training, starting from varying initial qualifications towards the required production relevant qualification levels.

Application in CNC Production

The MTS CNC System can be used in a variety of ways, the main applications being:

NC program simulation in the control code of any CNC control with machining canned cycles combined with an MTS-3D machine simulation model for the workpiece geometry update through machining, collision monitoring, time calculation, NC program analysis and optimization.

Workshop programming system for the control code of any CNC control combined with one of the MTS 3D machine simulation models in an interactive input dialog and an immediately following blockwise NC program simulation.

2D or 3D CAM system for generating neutral ISO/DIN programs with canned cycles and conversion with postprocessors to any target CNC control command codes with NC program simulation, possible before and after the postprocessing.