TopCAM3D as extension of TopCAM2D, supplements the MTS product TopMill and TopTurn with a 3D programming system for prismatic 2½ D multi-sided and complete machining with 5 axes machining centers. The workpiece data is imported in 3D-step format.

TopCAM3D is a machining plane oriented 3D milling programming system with automatic machining feature recognition for multi-sided machining of usually complex workpieces for 5 axes machining centers including the three axes machining of free form surfaces.


Borings, rectangular, circular and arbitrary contour pockets with islands, grooves as well as arbitrary surfaces with islands are recognized as features for pocketing-in or pocketing-out and are automatically assigned to roughing, residual chip as well as finishing operations. Chamfers are detected or can be added (e.g. for edge breaking).

The system makes suggestions for the tool selection as well as the machining technology and offers advanced optimization algorithms for the roughing tool selection. For machining you can choose between contour-parallel, meandering or parametrized trochoidal (HSC high speed cutting) milling strategies.

Programs are created either automatically by a machining strategy only by marking the different machining planes on the workpiece or the user can select only some features and specify their machining parameters.

Further functions are available for special applications and the traversing of contours for chamfering or undercuts.

The associated NC program is automatically written by TopCAM3D. It can be simulated at any time in TopMill or TopTurn as a virtual test machine. With the MTS postprocessors it can be converted in a different NC command code and simulated after postprocessing.


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